Things To Do Instead Of Sleeping

What To Do Instead Of Sleeping

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Here are some of the things to do instead of sleeping:

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1. Find The Number 1 Song On The Day You Were Born

Find The Number 1 Song on the Day You Were Born

Do you know what the number 1 song was on the day you were born? Go to, enter your date of birth and you will be able to watch a YouTube video of the #1 song on your birthday!

2. Tour A Country Using Google Street View

Tour A Country Using Google Street View

Did you know that you can virtually travel to almost any street in any country using Google Street View? And not just streets, you can even explore inside places like museums, shopping malls and more. Just go to Google Maps and drop that small man on the bottom right corner to any street you want.

3. Create Some Cool Beats

Create Some Cool Beats

Use the portable sound kit on Patatap to create some great beats. They even have moving shapes that complement the beats.

4. Visit A Good Movie To Watch

Visit A Good Movie To Watch

One of our everyday perpetual problems is finding a good movie to watch. Visit A Good Movie To Watch. This website will give some great suggestions for movies which are highly-rated. You are sure to find something that suits your mood.

5. Learn Awesome Magic Tricks

Learn Awesome Magic Tricks

We all love magic. Head over to GoodTricks to learn some cool magic tricks that are sure to impress your friends. Become the next David Blaine.

6. Type Like A Hacker

Type Like A Hacker

Visit Hacker Typer and type any random stuff you like on a green and black screen like a hacker in the movies. Pretend to be a hacker.

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