Pump some Caffeine into your Bloodstream
updated 22 Apr 2005Comprehensive Coffee FAQ site, revised, updated, expanded www.TheCoffeeFAQ.comAll about Coffee www.coffeegeek.comDrink High Energy and Caffeine Drinks www.beveragesdirect.comGet some Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee www.extremecoffee.comThe Coffee and Caffeine FAQ http://www.coffeefaq.com“Too Much Coffee Man” www.tmcm.comXTC Pure Energy Drink www.xtc.liGet Caffeine Products from ThinkGeek http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine
Celebrate Maria Bartiromo
updated: 26 Jan 2003Stay up all night, search the Internet for photos of Maria, and then create a very special photo gallery of Maria Bartiromo
Study online for your Microsoft Certification Exam
updated: 21 Jan 2003www.techexams.net Quality free online practice questions and TechNotes written by experienced and knowledgeable tech writers for MCSE/MCSA, CompTIA A+ , NET+, i-net+ and Cisco certifications in a professional test engine with exhibits explanations and references.www.freemcse.com Training Videos, practice tests, white papers,  study guides. All free.www.cramsession.com Looking to become an MCSE, CNE, or A+ certified? This is the place to visit!www.mcsetutor.com New site – nicely done with good information and sample exams.www.network-info.com MCSE exam tips and hints. Professional looking site with lots of info.www.mcmcse.com Lots of good MCSE stuff.www.MCSEDirectory.com Directory for MCSE Resources. 
Stock up on All Required Geek Supplies – Delivered to your door
updated: 16 Sep 2002www.geekgarb.com Great inventory of Geek T-shirts and Geek Humor.www.errorwear.com Beautiful T-shirts featuring all your favorite errors and BSOD screens.www.thinkgeek.com T-shirts, Caffeine, Books, Toys, Stickers.www.geeklove.com Stuff for Geeks. 
Build a Unique Propeller LED Clock
updated: 30 Oct 2002Commercially available 20 inch Propeller 2 color LED Clock –
Virtual Clock http://www.sonic.net/~chronart/virtual.htmlBob Blick’s Original Propeller LED Clock http://www.bobblick.com/techref/projects/propclock/propclock.htmlBob’s Gallery of Propeller LED Clocks www.bobblick.com/bob/projects/mclock/gallery.htmlhttp://web.wanadoo.be/henkenkatrien/propellerclockhttp://www.efd.lth.se/~e96rg/mc/mechanic/vgsys.htmlhttp://hot-streamer.com/hilo90mhz/electronics/prop_clock.htmhttp://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/m.ursum/propclock.html 
Examine World History Via Magazine Covers
updated: 09 Jul 2002Wired Magazine Covers Archive http://www.wired.comPopular Mechanics Covers Gallery http://popularmechanics.com/albums/index.phtmlLife Magazine 1936 to 1972 http://www.life.com/Life/search/coversTime Magazine since 1985 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/archiveTV Guide Magazine Covers since 1953 http://www.tvguide.com/50th/ecardsMAD Magazine Covers since issue #1 in 1952 http://www.collectmad.com/madcoversite/covers.htmlMagazine covers featuring Victoria Principal  http://vpfan1.tripod.com/Thumbs-all.html might be worth the wait.Magazine covers featuring Bill Gates 
Check out some cool looking Digital Neon Clocks – I love Neon!Check out the Nixie Wristwatch http://www.amug.org/~jthomas/clockpage.htmlMike’s Electric Stuff – including Nixie Tube Clocks http://www.electricstuff.co.ukWestdave’s Wild World of Clocks http://www.westdave.comCosmoDog Nixie Tube Clocks http://www.cosmodog.com/nixie.htmlModel 11 Nixie Clock http://www.wps.com/products/Model-11/index.htmlNixie Tubes for all occasions http://pobox.com/~JasonHarper/Nixie.htmlNixie clock from Germany – can you read German?  http://www.dodocus.de/nixie.htm
Learn about Semiconductor PhysicsBritney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics, Edge Emitting Lasers, & Britney Spears Photo Gallery
Spec | Build | Upgrade | Overclock Your Computer Systemwww.overclockedcafe.com Overclocked Cafe – Overclocking reviews and articles.www.pcscoop.com PC Scoop – Motherboards, Overclocking, reviews, articles.www.coldcpu.com Cold CPU – CPU coolers, overclocking parts and supplies.www.tweak3d.net The Freakin Tweakin Source – System tweaking, performance, and overclocking. Reviews, and “how-to” guides.www.overclock-watercool.com The ultimate Overclocking and cooling supplies and parts that glow under UV light.www.ocia.net OverClock Intelligence Agency – Reviews and articles.www.hardwareoc.com Hardware OverClock – Reviews, step-by-step, how-to, and articles.www.tomshardware.com Tom’s Hardware – Read about all the latest PC hardware.www.maximumpc.com Maximum PC Magazine – Great reviews of all high performance PC products. Kick Ass!www.gotapex.com Got Apex? High Performance Computing.www.anandtech.com Anand’s Hardware Reviews.www.sharkyextreme.com Latest hardware and software for the PC enthusiast.www.overclockers.com OverClockers – Dedicated to the Art of Overclocking. Reviews, links, and articles.www.procooling.com
Build your own parallel computing cluster systemwww.Beowulf.org The Beowulf project – build your own parallel cluster supercomputer. Rule the world!
Stay over-night at the office and
Build a cool looking Fort from computer boxes
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Trick out your PDA/Handheld/Wearable ComputerInstall LINUX on your Compaq iPAQ www.handheld.org
Install a new Operating System – Just for the fun of itRead all about it at OS Opinion E-Zine www.osopinion.comBeOS www.geektek.comLinux www.redhat.com | www.linuxtoday.com | www.justlinux.com | www.suse.com | www.linux-mandrake.com | www.caldera.com
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Stay over-night at the office and
Fill your co-worker’s cubicle with packing peanuts
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Investigate your PersonalityGet the truth! Rate Yourself! www.rateyourself.comThe Keirsey Online Personality Questionnaire www.keirsey.comYou know you are a geek… www.julen.net/ephemera/pub/Geek.htmlAre you a Geek or a Nerd? www.empathy.com/nerdwhat.htmlCollections of various Psych tests www.psychtests.comThe website of self-discovery www.emode.com
Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)”I’ll just play until I get my next level” – Flidias Anfalas, High Elf ClericEverquest www.everquest.com | www.eqvault.com | www.everlore.com | everquest.allakhazam.com | eq.castersrealm.com | eq.stratics.com | www.gameznet.com/eqAsheron’s Call www.asheronscall.com | www.acvault.com | www.asheronslore.com | ac.stratics.com 
Eat some life-giving Chocolate – Be HappyThe World-Famous Snickers Bar – There is no other. www.snickers.com. It’s perfect to keep your energy level charged.
Check up on the latest Industry NewsNews for Nerds – Stuff that matters slashdot.orgNews for Geeks www.geeknews.netComputer and Internet Industry News from C|Net news.comCNN cnn.com CNNfn cnnfn.comInternet and E-Business News internet.comSoftware News and Reviews demonews.com
Listen to Internet Radio Programs”This American Life” www.thislife.org – Each audio program is 1 hour in length. They are great to listen to. Before you know it, the sun will be coming up.
Learn something new/strangeThe Straight Dope www.straightdope.com
Lots of great and informative articles, such as what is the origin of the expression “OK”?
Explore/Collect Old Computers & Calculators & Slide-rules”Those old computers in my garage are not junk, that’s my museum” – TedOldBits Computer Collection www.oldbits.deKen’s Computer Museum  www.bcb.com/museum.htmlVirtual Museum of Computing vmoc.i.amObsolete Computer Museum www.obsoletecomputermuseum.orgMuseum of Obsolete Computers www.computingmuseum.comDan’s Antique Computer Collection www.futurebots.com/cpu.htmHobby of Collecting Old Computers www.unusual.on.caComputer Oblivion www.netexp.net/~madmanBolo’s Computer Museum www.bolo.chNigel’s Old Calculators freespace.virgin.net/nigel.toutElectronic Calculator E-Museum aknight.home.mindspring.com/calc.htmMuseum of Soviet Calculators www.taswegian.com/MOSCOW/soviet.htmlTotalizator History www.ozemail.com.au/~bconlonViktor’s Programmable Calculators www.vttoth.com/calcsHP Calculator Museum www.hpmuseum.orgGuy Ball’s Collecting Calculators www.oldcalcs.comVintage Calculators www.dotpoint.com/xnumber/vintage.htmOld Calculators Web Museum www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lab/7510Everything you ever wanted to know about Slide Rules www.sliderules.clara.netCollector of Slide Rules and Antique Mechanical Calculators slideruleguy.theengineer.com
Build Electronic Kits / Build another RobotLarge selection of Electronic & Robot kits www.HobbyTron.comSolar powered robotics and kits www.solarbotics.comRobot kits and supplies www.robotstore.comPAiA Electronics www.paia.com Lots of musical kits, including a cool Theremin kit. Submitted by: Rob EadsDIY Electronics www.kitsrus.comTranstronics www.xtronics.com/kits.htmScienceKits www.ScienceKits.comElectronix Express www.elexp.comQuality Kits www.qkits.comA-1 Electronic Parts www.a1parts.comRobotCafe Portal  www.robotcafe.comElectronicsUSA www.electronicsusa.comCarl’s Electronics and Robot Kits www.electronickits.comDC Electronics www.dckits.comOak Tree System BasicStamp www.oaktreesystems.comNuts and Volts Magazine www.nutsvolts.comElectronics and Computers Surplus www.eio.comPoptronics Magazine www.gernsback.comGateway Electronics www.gatewayelex.comRamsey Electronics www.ramseyelectronics.comAlltronics Electronics www.alltronics.comBob Blick’s Electronics Projects www.bobblick.com/bob/projects/index.html